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Located between the key UK commercial engines of Cambridge and London and between the international airport Stansted and ports of Harwich and Felixstowe, North Essex is exceptionally well connected. Major new infrastructure is also planned which will propel North Essex to become an economic powerhouse

Ambitious plans are in place to upgrade the strategic road and railway links, along with digital infrastructure to better connect North Essex to the rest of the UK, Europe and markets around the world.

The area is positioned adjacent to the London to Cambridge corridor with direct access to the major international trade hubs of the growing Stansted Airport, Felixstowe and Harwich Ports. The area benefits from excellent road and railway connections.

The creation of new homes across North Essex will see an estimated £2 billion of new infrastructure to support the five proposed garden communities.

International connectivity is guaranteed via Emirates’ route to Dubai out of Stansted which itself is set to benefit from a £600 million enhancement programme.

Digital investment is at the centre of the area’s growth, with over 95 per cent of households on superfast broadband and full fibre / ultrafast guaranteed for new communities.